my first try on Rmarkdown using blogdown

I have used blogdown writing regular markdown posts, but the real power is from the Rmarkdown! let me try it for this post. Note that you do not knit the Rmarkdown by yourself, rather you let blogdown do the heavy lift. library(tidyverse) ## Loading tidyverse: ggplot2 ## Loading tidyverse: tibble ## Loading tidyverse: tidyr ## Loading tidyverse: readr ## Loading tidyverse: purrr ## Loading tidyverse: dplyr ## Warning: package ‘tibble’ was built under R version 3.

hugo academic theme blog down deployment (some details)

I have been following this tutorial from Alison and tips from Leslie Myint for some customization for deploying my blogdown website It is quite straightforward to have a working site following Alison’s guide. However, you always want some customization of your own site. I took the tips from Leslie. changed the menue bar to black. I like it better than the default white. in the config.toml file, change the theme: