open files on remote with sublime by ssh

I am still suck at vim or emacs. I use nano to edit files on remote machines. But for more complicated editing, I prefer to use sublime. use this for editing remote files. Steps: on remote machine, install rmate ssh bio1 curl -o ~/bin/rmate chmod u+x bin/rmate on your local computer, install RemoteSubl on your local computer, open sublime, click tools –> Command Palette –> type Package control:Install Package –> type RemoteSubl to install.

set up ssh odyssey HPC

request an account following here. Harvard odyssey HPC requires a two-factor security login. First set up the VPN following here Then read about OpenAuth here. One can download mobile apps such as Duo and google-Authenticator on your phone, but then each time you will need to type the password to the terminal. Or you can download the java program for desktop, if you have a FAS research computing account, you should be able to download it from the link FASRC send you.